On Subject: Pooch

Could this be a dog blog? It probably should be, since my dog Daphne deserves to be more than the filtered focus of my Instagram feed. She’s definitely model material. Just look at her headshot.

I agree that dog Boo is beyond adorable, but world’s cutest? I beg to differ.

I’m waiting for the day Daphne gets discovered while she's just walking down the street, like some gorgeous Czech girl who gets snapped sans makeup by a scout and finds herself in ten runway shows the next week (and she’d never even thought about being a model—no, seriously!). Side note: when I was finally allowed to read teen magazines, I learned that Natalie Portman was discovered at a pizza joint and immediately tripled the frequency of my bike rides to Round Table. Since Daphne can’t go to restaurants, I might use this blog to show her off. Does that make me a stage mom? So be it. Dog modeling agents, you know where to find your next It Girl.

(Photos by Meg Perotti)

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