To Blog or Not to Blog

Hi, my name is Julia, and I’m a wannabe blogger. I’ve blogged on the job (here, ages ago, and elsewhere) but never just for fun—never just for me and the three people reading this who are also probably related to me (hi, mom!). As a writer by trade, not having a personal place in the blogosphere where I post my (uncommissioned) prose makes me feel like a total failure. Writers, of all people, should have blogs, right? 

But it all sounds too much like my day job. I’d need to create a style guide, define my voice and tone, and fill an editorial calendar with at least six (okay, two) months of content. There’d be so many decisions to make. Times or Helvetica? AP or Chicago? Esthetician or aesthetician? And most importantly, I'd need to determine my official stance on the serial comma. I mean, I'd need to decide just what I would blog about. 

Ideally, I’d dream up an amazing concept that none of the other millions of bloggers have thought of yet and create valuable content that could someday turn into a movie or at least a book series. Then, I realized a blog could be a space where I put all of that aside for a moment and see what happens. Here goes...


  1. Woot - love it! Congrats on your first post. To many more to come... xox

  2. Can't wait to read about the goings-on of Jules, Nick and Daphne! There is no detail that is too minute to pull me away from my work day. Blog on!

    PS - love your watch.

  3. Get writin' lady! Can't wait to hear about the crazy adventures in the Ralston casa!

  4. beautiful hands beautiful (and funny- you are funny Jua) words. your going to be one of the places i check daily, to get inspired and to smile. love you and admire you so much xh
    ps love the esthetician/aesthetician part