A Sweet Gender-Reveal Party

"Babies are Sweet" gender-reveal party with candy buffet
When it came time to find out our baby’s gender, Nick and I decided to get the news immediately at the ultrasound. We knew that if we asked the doctor to put the answer in an envelope to be delivered to a baker or another creative reveal tactic, we wouldn’t have made it to the parking lot without tearing it open. So we got the news right then and there but tried to make delivering it just as exciting for our families, too.

We hosted a small get-together with our parents that included a guessing station, old wives’ tales with gender-prediction clues, and a candy and beverage bar. The candy-filled jars were a fun reminder of our wedding day, when we had an all-white candy bar with the theme “Love is sweet.” We made some obvious updates for this new occasion: blue and pink candy and drinks, more blue and pink accents (ribbons! pom poms!), and now, “Babies are sweet.”

After everyone made their guesses, it was time to share the news. That’s when our dog, Daphne, came running in with blue balloons attached to her collar. More pictures and the do-it-yourself details below...

Blue & pink candy buffet for a baby gender-reveal party

Blue and pink candy for a gender-reveal party

Sweet ideas for a gender-reveal party

Pink lemonade and blue striped straws for gender-reveal party

Blue & pink candy & non-alcoholic drinks for a gender-reveal party

Blue & pink candy & beverage bar for a baby gender-reveal party

DIY: old wives' tales chalkboard-style sign for a gender-reveal party

Gender-reveal party ideas: old wives' tales for gender prediction & a guessing station for guests

Boy or girl guessing station at a gender-reveal party
Planning this little party was the perfect distraction in the days leading up to finding out our baby’s gender. Here’s how it came together:

  • I ordered blue and pink candy from Amazon (there was no need to order from a bulk candy site since we didn’t need huge amounts).
  • To display the candy and beverages, I used white and silver bowls and trays (mostly from Pottery Barn and West Elm) and picked up a few extra glass jars from Target (like this one).
  • To make a chalkboard-style sign with old wives’ tales, I downloaded a free chalkboard background and chalkboard fonts and created the sign in Photoshop (using Pinterest for inspiration). To get more scoop on the tales, I consulted a few articles, including this one.
  • For the other printed items, I downloaded more free fonts (Chevalier Becker Stripes is my favorite) and shapes, then printed everything at Kinkos.
  • To fill the table with more blue and pink touches, I added tissue-paper pom-poms and striped straws and tied ribbon around the guessing jars. These little details helped it all come together!

For the full story on what happened when we found out we’re having a boy—and how we almost came home with pink balloons—check out this post.


  1. This is one of the cutest and classiest gender reveal parties I've ever seen! Love what you did with the chalkboard background and fonts you downloaded.
    Congratulations on having a boy! I can't wait until we all get to 'meet' him :)


    1. Thank you so much, Jacy! Making the chalkboard sign was my favorite part! I can't wait to meet the little guy, too :) xo!

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! Pinning it all now.