In Her Shoes: Andrea Whitmore, Accounting Consultant at Stitch Fix

In Her Shoes: Andrea Whitmore, Accounting Consultant at Stitch Fix
Lately, it seems like every woman I know is talking about Stitch Fix, the San Francisco-based startup that hand-picks clothes and accessories to fit your style and budget and delivers them to your doorstep every month. To get your fix, all you have to do is create a profile about yourself, and unlike other subscription services, you can buy what you like and return the rest. It’s brilliant. So is Andrea Whitmore, an accountant (or CPA, to be exact) who’s consulting for the buzzed-about company. Mom to two-year-old Olivia, Andrea left her public accounting gig to stay at home with her daughter but began working part-time when Stitch Fix came calling. Now due any day with daughter number two, she shares what it’s like balancing life at home and the office, the best advice she’s received about motherhood, and the perks of bean counting.

Tell us about the work you do at Stitch Fix.
Stitch Fix is still a fairly new company that’s growing rapidly, so I’ve been helping their accounting manager—a girl friend of mine from college—develop accounting policies, procedures and controls to meet their demanding and expanding needs. The team has grown significantly since I started, and the accounting department is doing a great job meeting the tough demands of a start-up.

What’s the best part of the job?
It’s nice getting out of the house for a few hours a week to make a little bit of money, drink warm coffee, pee with the door shut, and carry on conversations with people who respond timely and appropriately. I love my time with my daughter and don’t regret my decision to stay home, but it’s a nice balance. Also, I love helping companies I believe in succeed. I like the team at Stitch Fix, am a loyal customer, and really enjoy that it’s a San Francisco-based company doing new and exciting things.

Stitch Fix style

How would you describe your style? Or in Stitch Fix terms, what’s in your style profile?
My current style is stay-at-home-mom chic—aka human napkin! I set my Stitch Fix profile budget to the cheapest level, and it’s just nice to get one or two things monthly for not that much money. It’s often stuff I wouldn’t pick out or think would look good on me, but I’ve never had a “fix” where I didn’t keep at least one item. Plus receiving the package with its mystery contents feels like Christmas!

Beautiful baby girl nursery & expectant mama

You’re pregnant with your second daughter. Do you have any go-to maternity items?
I’m really only comfortable in maxi dresses right now. At 36 weeks, my belly is just so big that pants often get uncomfortable. Earlier on, my go-tos were a great pair of maternity jeans, comfortable and cute flats, stretchy tees (GAP ones are very comfortable), and open-sweater cardigans. I carry my babies from head to toe, so I like to stay as covered as possible! I love that SF weather pretty much allows for this uniform everyday with its fairly consistent climate. Also, Stitch Fix just launched a maternity line. It’s amazing!

Toddler room style: heart bins & flower hooks to store & display clothes & accessories

What about baby and toddler style? Do you have any tips for shopping for little ones?
I love shopping for my daughters! I’ve learned that kids are really hard on clothes, so I don’t buy too many expensive or fancy things—it’s usually a fight to get those on anyway! Old Navy always has cute clothes on-sale, and we rarely make it through a Target trip without something from the Carters line. But you better believe that holidays or special occasions involve head-to-toe new outfits and accessories, especially since we’ll have another little beauty to wear them soon, too. In general, I’ve been surprised how kids’ personalities come out so early. I try to let my daughter pick what she likes while also dressing her in things I like before she knows any better and really fights it.

You do the hokey pokey... {girls' nursery & toddler room decor}

Cute and comfy bump style: maxi dresses and cardigans

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received about motherhood?
I’d say it’s just do your best. You’re going to be great at some things and not others. Be nice to yourself. A happy mom is a good mom. Not that you have to be happy all the time, but look for what makes you happy and try to focus on that. For some people, that is honestly doing things with Pinterest-worthy finesse and that’s great, but remember even those moms have days in their PJs giving into their child’s tantrum with Cheetos—or at least I hope they do! You’ve got to find the balance that works for you, and it takes time and constant adjustment.

Expentant mom beauty must-haves: stretch-mark cream, a good scrub & more

You’ve definitely got a glow. Can you share some of your favorite beauty products?
You’re too kind. I’ve never felt like I had a glow in either pregnancy. It’s the opposite—my girls took any of the beauty I had in me, but so far it’s all been worth it. That said, pregnancy hormones are rough. Just recently I splurged on a facial. I bought a few products, like this vitamin C complex, to make me feel good when I’m covered in newborn spit-up and poop and my face breaks out from flushing the pregnancy hormones out of my body. My skin gets really dry in pregnancy, so a great exfoliator helps. I love the papaya and pineapple scrub from Kiehl’s. I try to use a good moisturizer and drink lots of water. I also go through bottles and bottles of anti-stretch mark cream. I’m not even sure it works, but it makes me feel better to know I’m trying!

In Her Shoes: Andrea Whitmore from Stitch Fix

Do you have any advice for women who are interested in a career in finance?
I’ve really enjoyed working in finance so far. My first five years were spent in public accounting at KPMG, where I had plenty of great female role models. My CPA license has allowed me to find flexible work for this time when my kids are young. Bean counting has its perks!

Last question: If you could only keep one pair of shoes from your closet, which would you choose and why?
I pretty much live in flip flops and slip-on shoes, but I love these shoes I got for my very first Mother’s Day from my daughter (i.e., my husband). They have a heel but are super comfortable—great mom shoes!

In Her Shoes: Andrea Whitmore, Mom & Consultant at Stitch Fix

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