Bringing Home Baby

Striped Solly baby wrap
I’ve officially been a mom for one month! On April 14, our baby boy arrived. It was by far the most amazing experience of my life. I’ll never forget hearing the doctor say, “On the next push, you’re going to have a baby!” and then suddenly, he was here—eight pounds and one ounce, twenty-and-a-half inches and totally perfect. We named him William George, after our dads Bill and George, who suggested the name when they first found out I was pregnant. We laughed at them but secretly decided we loved it, which made finally revealing his name one of my all-time favorite moments.

Leaving the hospital two days later was both thrilling and terrifying. At home, there’s no button on our bed to summon a nurse when Will spits up or our sleep-deprived brains can’t remember how to swaddle. And then suddenly, a month has flown by and somehow, we all survived. It’s been a beautiful blur of nursing and cuddling and more nursing, plus bouncing and swinging and shushing and singing. There’s been cooing and crying and a constant hum of lullabies that we haven’t quite learned the words to yet. There have been times when I desperately wanted Will to sleep somewhere other than my chest but then missed him as soon as he wasn’t there.

During this first month, I also celebrated my own birthday as well as my very first Mother’s Day. Here are more highlights from month one of baby...

Newborn baby boy - hospital photos

Pictures from the hospital: new dad and newborn baby boy

Nick and Will in our hospital room.

Newborn baby Batman onesie and Robin stuffed animal

Holy one-week birthday, Batman!

J. Crew lightning bolt onesie - newborn

I loved finally putting him in this tiny onesie (previously seen here).

Bump Nest pregnancy pillow - stolen by husband and dog

Nick and Daphne didn’t hesitate to steal my pregnancy pillow.

Classic white newborn onesie & Superman socks

William George Ralston - 2 weeks old

Superman baby socks

Growing faster than a speeding bullet!
After two weeks, Will was an inch taller and had packed on 19 ounces.

Newborn baby boy - H&M anchor pajamas

Dad quote: “I can’t believe I made something so perfect. I can’t even make dinner.”
My favorite quote from Nick:
“I can’t believe I made something so perfect. I can’t even make dinner.”

Bam! Pow! Zap! The Honest Company comic book diapers

Pow! Bam! Zap!

First Mother's Day
My first Mother’s Day.

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  1. He's so perfect, Julia! I love the shot of him in his little BAM diaper! Happy one-month of mommyhood! :)

    1. Thanks so much to one of my favorite mommies! xo!