The Perfect Postpartum Pants (Plus a Baby Bear!)

H&M patterned jersey pants, Gap tee, Kendra Scott necklace
I’ve been a mom for six weeks now and—confession time—I’m too scared to try on my pre-pregnancy jeans. After pushing out a human, I think my body has been through enough trauma. It doesn’t need to be squeezed into skinny denim prematurely. It also needs pajamas-level comfort, with the option to appear in public now that my stroller game is getting stronger. That’s why these are the perfect postpartum pants in my (very) new mom opinion—and they’re not from the maternity section so, ego boost! They’re soft and slouchy with a kind elastic waistband. They come in pretty patterns, which means any spit-up that inevitably ends up on them is more likely to blend in. And they’re less than $20, so I won’t feel bad about wanting to eventually put them aside in favor of my old jeans, whenever I’m ready for them.

New mom style: loose tee, comfy pants & a stroller

I’m also still loving this loose tee (also seen here with my favorite maternity staples), and who can resist a hooded and footed bear one-piece for baby? I just put Will in it for the first time and couldn’t even handle the cuteness! It’s the only thing I want him to wear everyday from now until forever.

Gap baby bear hoodie one-piece

Baby bear hoodie one-piece

One more of my bear cub...

Mama bear & baby bear
On mama: H&M pants. Gap tee. Kendra Scott necklace. Splendid sandals.
On baby: Gap one-piece.

More bear outfits because it turns out that babies are even cuter when they’re dressed as animals...


  1. Right there with you! I'm still wearing my maternity skinny jeans because I'm still in love with the soft waistband but I'm going to have to go shopping after reading this!

    1. Oh yes, I still love my maternity jeans! Those soft waistbands are so comfy! But it's fun to have something new to wear, so happy shopping! xo