Baby's First Photo Shoot

Sleeping mama and baby boy (newborn photography)
One of the craziest things so far about parenthood is how fast the time is flying by. Is it because time flies when you’re having fun, or when you only have twenty minutes before your baby wakes up from a nap? Either way, it feels like only yesterday that Will would’ve been happy to do nothing but nurse. Now, he still loves nursing, but he also has other interests, like his toes, anything within grabbing distance, and his dad, who he thinks is hilarious. I try to get out the real camera and document each new phase as much as possible, but sometimes, it’s best to call in a professional, especially if you want to get a picture or two of the whole fam. Here are some of our favorite shots from our recent family photo shoot, taken when Will was just under three months.

Newborn photos by Meg Perotti

Newborn photos

Mama & baby playtime - newborn photos by Meg Perotti

Dad and baby boy

Little baby bottom - newborn photos by Meg Perotti

Family photo session

New dad and baby boy

Baby smiles!

Blue-eyed baby boy

This nursery is dog-friendly

Baby's best friend

It’s also crazy to look back on our maternity photos.

Photos by Meg Perotti.

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