My Favorite Nursing Cover

My Favorite Nursing Cover
The biggest shock to me as a new mom was what a game-changer nursing is. Everything from my schedule to my shirts suddenly revolved around my baby’s appetite. At first, I stayed behind closed doors whenever my baby might be hungry. Although I was more comfortable this way in the beginning, it’s certainly no way to live. So I spent hours researching different nursing covers (usually while nursing) that might help me feel more comfortable feeding my child somewhere other than my couch.

I finally got this poncho-style cover and with it, the confidence to leave the house. The stripes help it pass for something I’d normally wear—nursing or not. I love that I can pop it on, remove and/or rearrange things with nobody the wiser, then slip my baby underneath. The opening at the top is big enough to peek in on him, or I can adjust it so that I can see his sweet head but still keep other things covered up. So far, baby has had no complaints either, and he’s been happily fed everywhere from airplanes to fancy restaurants and even within spit-up distance of the Declaration of Independence.

Cute & comfy nursing cover

Dria striped nursing cover

Out & about with the Dria nursing cover

Though you can’t tell from these pictures, our dog likes getting out of the house more, too.

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