Mother-Son Style: Geometric Prints

Tea Collection baby boy raglan t-shirt

Before I found out we were having a boy, I’d been dreaming about sugar and spice and everything nice, including the clothes. Oh, the fun I would have dressing my mini me! She and I would master the adorable art of mommy-and-me outfits! So when the doctor said, “It’s a girl! No wait, it’s a boy!”, I resigned myself to admiring those matchy-matchy ensembles on my friends with daughters. But now that I’ve got six months of motherhood under my belt, I’ve realized that with some creativity, it’s totally possible—and possibly just as cute—to coordinate with my little man.

For my first attempt at mother-son twinning, my goal was for our outfits to look similar but not identical. Hopefully, this means my son will be slightly less embarrassed of me when he’s old enough to discover these photos on Facebook. I started with an oversized, tribal-print cardigan for me, then found a South American-inspired shirt with geometric graphics for him. Instead of denim for both of us, I put baby in navy knit pants (confession: I returned his first pair of jeans because he looked like a boy, not a baby, in them!). The final touch? Fringe on everyone’s feet—cute moccasins for baby, killer boots for mom.

To get in the fall spirit—and get some cute pictures—we went to the pumpkin patch. Baby preferred posing with his dad and a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins over me, but he didn’t spit up on either of our outfits, which I’m taking as a sign of approval. For Halloween, we’re planning a little something for the whole family to match. I can’t wait!

Coordinated mother-son style: geometric prints

Mother-son fall style - moccasins for baby, boots for mom

Best fall photo opp for babies: wheelbarrows at the pumpkin patch

Mother-son fall style at the pumpkin patch

Tea Collection raglan tee for baby boys

Coordinated outfits for mom & baby

Fall baby pictures at the pumpkin patch

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  1. Love both outfits! I love your "matching" moccasins!