Crawl So Hard (plus a discount!)

Crawl So Hard baby onesie

It’s official: I can no longer plop my baby down on a play mat and trust that he’ll still be there after I’ve grabbed my coffee. He recently mastered crawling and couldn’t be happier about it. He especially loves to abandon his designated play areas and plow toward anything hazardous. When I spotted this onesie, I had to get my crawler in it. The clever take on the Jay-Z and Kanye hook sums up his new favorite activity while indulging my love of rap lyrics.

Now for a backstory: I was practically crying into my breast pump at a wedding when another mom happened upon me. It was my first night out post-baby, and I’d forgotten one of the pump’s 117 parts. This kind mom commiserated with me while I sat sadly in a back room with a dress around my waist and empty bottles attached to my bra, frantically texting my husband who was taking full advantage of my perpetual designated-driver status, and wondering if I’d ever get the hang of all this. Fast forward a few months later, and that mom, Erin, is now designing baby duds, including this onesie, and I’m practically a pro at pumping.

I recently got the details behind Erin’s line, adorably dubbed The Wittle Co. A graphic designer by trade, she was disappointed with the less-than-cool options out there for little ones, especially boys. I can relate. I mean, how many “Cute Like Mommy” onesies does a kid need? So she started making her own baby clothes—plus a safety sign for her car that wouldn’t ruin her street cred— and after getting compliment after compliment, opened up shop. Since Erin likes to help a mother out, you can enjoy 20% off any order with the code ONCEUPONABLOG.

Here are more pictures of my little man on the move, who would only sit still for a few short seconds before toppling forward and taking off on all fours. I can’t believe he’ll be seven months old in just a couple days. That shit cray.

Crawl So Hard

Crawl So Hard (grey baby onesie)

Crawl So Hard onesie by The Wittle Co. & Freshly Picked mocs
Crawl So Hard onesie by The Wittle Co. handmade in LA
7-month-old baby crawling
Blue-eyed baby

Freshly Picked leather moccasins in Beehive State

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