A Year

In just a week, our baby is going to turn one. How has it been almost a year already? I’m somewhat at a loss for words, so instead of a sappy essay on motherhood (which I’m sure I’ll write later), here are my favorite pictures from Will’s first year.

Dad and baby in the hospital
Newborn baby

Dad and baby's first Father's Day - Your Baby's First Word Will be Dada
3 month old baby - nursery prints from The Animal Print Shop

mother & son
3 months old - Let's Go Exploring Calvin & Hobbes onesie

Baby's first swim at Carmel Valley Ranch

Baby in a Simba suit

6 month old baby

Visiting the Naval Academy at six months old

Minion baby Halloween costume
Crawl So Hard onesie

Baby's first Christmas - picking out a tree

Seven month old baby - Tucker & Tate t-shirt

Baby on the move! Loves this VTech walker

Ten-month-old baby

Dad & baby at 11 months
Mom wanted a nursing pic, the dog had other ideas
Also, here are some of my favorite posts from my first year as parent: Five Unexpected Things From My Fourth Trimester, First Family Vacation, Oh, the Places You'll PumpA Man's POV: Lessons from Paternity Leave.


  1. What a cutie - you have the BEST shots of him, too! I know you might not believe this, but the best is still yet to come. Love these, and you! xox

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! I love seeing pictures of your darling boys! I'm obsessed with this current age, so I'm glad that you said it only gets better. That's hard to imagine, but you're always spot-on with this parenthood stuff, so I believe you :) xoxo