A Look Back on 2016

If 2015 was a blur, then 2016 was the year when things started to come back into focus. Our baby—and parenthood in general—became exponentially easier and more fun. Will took his first steps on Easter and was walking down the block before his first birthday in April. His babbles turned into words, then phrases, and now hilarious combos like "Boo, no, no!" when the dog eyes his dinner. We learned that Will loves airplanes, kitchen appliances, and routine—he could probably make Nick's pour-over coffee on his own by now. In the summer, we picked blueberries in Oregon and tasted dirt from the backyard. In the fall, we saw the Blue Angels roar over San Francisco and waded in the Russian River. We celebrated Christmas with Will's very own choo choo. Everyone got plenty of sleep. Things were so great that we decided, hey, let's do this again!

Here, some of our favorite pictures from the year:

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