Things That Go (Oh, No!)

toddler in a pickup truck

"Do boys love transportation?" I asked Nick when I was nine months pregnant with Will. I was folding a pile of freshly washed onesies and footed pajamas we'd been gifted and suddenly noticed that the majority of them were covered with planes, trains and automobiles. Nick shrugged, then added, "My first word was bus."

Almost two years later, I can confirm that Will loves all things transportation. Before bed, he says "nigh nigh" to his favorite things, which almost always include the dog, daddy and "airplane park" (a park across from the airport). Like his dad, "bus" popped up early on in his vocabulary. And he loves climbing into the driver's seat of our car once we've parked in the driveway and taking over the wheel. He calls it "oh, no!" because that is what we said the first time he attempted this. He'll actually ask to do "oh, no!" and protest when it's time to go inside. "More oh, no! More oh, no!"

So imagine Will's excitement when there was an event near our neighborhood with two parking lots full of things that go for kids to touch, climb and "oh, no!" all over. Will explored the inside of a bus, sat (or stood, actually) in the driver's seat of a fire engine, ran up the ramp of an 18-wheeler, and got behind the wheel of a bright orange, vintage pickup truck with a cute little friend by his side. I can almost picture them driving off to prom together. Oh, no.

toddlers in a vintage pickup truck

climbing trucks

toddlers love fire trucks
fire truck at touch a truck day in san jose

exploring a bus
on the ramp of an 18-wheeler

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